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Hammergirl surfs the web all the time, looking for the best of the best! Here's a listing of the sites that were cool enough to win the Hammergirl's Best of the Web award!

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Hammergirl Archive - ELITIST FANBOYS

Advice for anime fans from Anime Pictures & Anime Wallpaper @ Anime Cubed's very own resident Hammergirl!

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You may have been there - The Hammer's gotten enough letters about it, that's for sure. Joe Fanboy gets the hot-off-the-LD fansub of Monkey Warrior Bobo X, and you've been waiting forever to see it. All you have to do is ask him for a copy, right?


There are a good number of anime fans who remember when it was just them and their old-school buddies who knew about anime, and they lorded all of their Kewl Toyz(tm) over the new guys. They were the only ones on the planet who could score fansubs, music, images, and so on, because they had connections. Nowadays, however, things have changed. Because of the large number of sites on the 'Net, hundreds of fansub distributors, and dozens of companies willing to special order your Gundam Q artbook, you don't need their fancy connections. Nobody really does. But since everyone gets different things at different times, occasionally you stop by your local anime club, and there the Elitist Fanboys are, with the newest show, contesting about how good it is - and keeping it to themselves.

They even have little groupies - admirers from a bygone era when only one or two people in town could get stuff. "Oh, Elitist Fanboy, you are the best! Can I come over and watch it, pleeease?" Give me a break.

Word to all of these folks out there: Learn to Share. You aren't any better than the rest of us, and eventually we'll get so sick of your bragging about 'convention buddies who have all of X' and 'private FTP server Y' that we'll boot you out of our little group, and you can play with your toys at home.


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