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Why play Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN?

There's all sorts of reasons!

1. It's funny!
No, seriously, really funny, not just 'set us up the bomb' funny. It's got crazy Jutsus and Allies, insane missions, terrible puns, and you kick a dude in the jangles on the very first screen. Hilarious! You too can fight alongside Billy the Ninja Boy, as the evil SNAKEMAN attempts to do whatever evil things he does! (we aren't sure what, exactly, he has stubby little arms and isn't too effective..)
2. It's huge, and constantly expanding!
Some games are just a half dozen 'click to make me better' buttons, that you hit a few times a day. That's no fun. BvS, though, has tons of individual Missions, hundreds of Quests, dozens of monsters, and has a thousand things you can do every day, with real strategy, teamwork, backstabbing, knowing when to risk it and when to chill, and machine-gunning fanboys to death so you can squeeze their remains into a moat, to protect your Village from others. Excellent, right? You can be the ultimate assassin, corner the Ninja Economy, run the ultimate Village, be the best Robo Pilot, be worshipped as the ultimate Zombja (Zombie Ninjas, get it?) Hunter, anything at all! Also, new stuff is added almost every week, so you can watch new areas - and new shiny prizes - appear as you play!
3. It's awesome!
Seriously, it parodies everything you can think of. From having to get back your short Reaper girlfriend who was kidnapped by her brother, to sticking Emosuke into a bucket to level him up, to Filler Arcs, to gambling with The Rack, to learning The Shocker from your RedEye teacher, to joining up with CiCi and her secret power of Greass to free your people from a horrible manager! Over one hundred great anime and games are parodied in this world-hopping adventure!

What, you want more reasons? Well, here we go!

4. It's fair!
You know those games where you have to pay to keep up? Not this one! Sure, you can buy Boosters to help you get through some stuff a little quicker, but the game doesn't allow people to mess with each other when they are using paid bonuses - everyone has an equal chance at greatness!
5. It cares!
The creator of the game is always listening to the playerbase, whether in the Forums, the multiple chat rooms, and the Suggestions area, to make the game as enjoyable as possible. It has a Player Council, so even the newest of the new can let their mind be known. Heck, he's even writing this right now. :)
6. It's easy!
By 'easy', we mean 'easy to use'. You don't need to download or install anything, or even have cookies enabled! You can play it from home, work, your school PC, your Wii, your iPhone, anything! Even if you are stuck in your school library on a ten-year old PC, Billy will deliver!
7. It's hard!
Not 'hard' like 'OMG this sucks' hard, but challenging! You'll have to think to get past the harder stuff in the game, and work with others to bring down monstrous demons - and the rewards are well worth it!
8. It lets you make a difference!
You aren't just another character in BvS, you really matter. The game lets everyone know when you've completed a major task, and you can even - if you are Awesome enough - become one of the game's Village-destroying monsters, letting you make a custom creature to attack all the Villages in the game! On top of that, you can have a monument to your greatness, where high-level players will visit to get super-cool powers!

Still more? How about these?

9. It's free!
You'll never have to pay to access any of the in-game content if you don't want to - it won't hold you back in any way!
10. It's worth it!
If you do decide to join BillyClub (as little as $2.50 a month!), you can take a look at all the design notes and sketches of the game, send questions (about anything!) directly to the game's creator, get sneak peeks at upcoming content, and more!
11. It goes to Eleven!
That's right, everything in the game goes to 11 (even this list!) You can hit people with the Moon, light people on fire, sacrifice entire Villages for personal gain, get dressed up in a cardboard robot suit and slap perfectly innocent people in the face, rock out to hair metal, get stalked by hot ninjas, and be excellent every day. We even have giveaways, where you can win excellent real-world prizes! What more could you ever want?

Other than your own real-life Stalkergirl and Emosuke.
We're still working on that.
- The Eleventy Billionth Hokage
   Creator, Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN
All this, and more!
What are you waiting for?
Let's Go!

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