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Dragon Village
-The Village Hidden in the Infernal -
Village Leader: Trapper
Number of Ninja: 45
Ailia, Amoretta, angeil, Boltredge, Chiyo, CuddlyWolf, Curryxiken, DarkFlash, Dimenea, Dreaddrake, DreadScyth, Dummy, DurzoBlint, Fat Man, Feldherren, Garik, Hammerfall, HiImCrispy, ichimar, In Hyung, Kethlorn, Kishoru, Larisa, lolix, Lunaduskjr, Maylis, Megan Ni, MidniteKoi, Mirta, Nomadion, Noximo, Oris, Ozxander, Phenix, R Ocelot, Raaaak, Raspunate, Riggy, Roxxas, Sujamma, SuperFly Z, tails990, Templar223, Zaroth
Number of Upgrades: 181
War Status: Days Peaceful: 1
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
🐉 Village is a fun place to be 🐀

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