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Sloth, Miss Director
8 Cost
Sin, Villian
React Wits, Discard 1 card: Cancel an Alchemy Event or Augment Ability
HP 3/8 Xb

Maes Hughes, Disingenuous
4 Cost
Human, Soldier, Hero
Search Wits, Sacrifice Maes Hughes: Defeat target Sin Ally.
HP 50/140

Elisa Hughes, Orphan
1 Cost
React Wits: After Maes Hughes is defeated, reset target Hero Ally. This ability can be played from home
HP 46/140

Lust, Not Quite Human
2 Cost
Sin, Villian
Main Wits, Sacrifice Lust: Target a vile event from your discard pile, add it to your hand.
HP 36/140

Revered Counsalor
5 Strength
Cannot be played if your leader is Homunculus factioned
Battle Strength 5: This character gets +1 to one attribute for each Experience your Leader has.
HP 106/140

Roy Mustang, Haunted Past
5 Cost
Human, Soldier, State Alchemist, Hero
Battle Wits 5: Target Soldier Character gets +2 to one attribute.

Scar, Cold Hearted
5 Cost
Human, Ishbalite
Battel Alchemy, discard 1 card: Target ally gets +3 alchemy.

Edward Elric, Hard Luck Case
5 Cost
Human, State Alchemist, Hero
Edward Elric cannot attach automail
Search Strength: Move any number of your characters home.

Envy, Just a Rumor
5 Cost
Sin, Villian
React Wits: After another player plays an Event or Ablility that draws 1 or more cards, that player discards 2 cards.

Hero's Passing
3 Cost
Battle Strength: Target Hero Character gets +1 to one attribute for each of your hero characters in play.

Players Choice:
-Stone Wall
PC 55/60

PC 51/60

-Envy, Doppleganner
PC 14/60

In Transmutation:
-Roy Mustang, Master Manipulator
TR 6/9



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