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Family Values

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Fullmetal Alchemist TCG 'Family Values'
Hammergirl Anime Top-Tier Deck
OneWing, Hammergirl Anime

Leader - The Elric Brothers
- Edward Elric, Novice
- The Elric Brothers, Edward and Alphonse
- Edward Elric, Our Hero
- Alphonse Elric, Lifesaver

- Alchemist Testing Grounds
- Dueling Grounds
- Art Museum
- Parish Church
- Tucker's Estate
- Red Water Chamber
- Conversion Room
- Youswell Inn
- Resembool Graveyard

Allies - 22

1 - Mrs. Halling, Innkeeper
1 - Fletcher Tringham, Young Alchemist

2 - Alex Louis Armstrong, Imposing

1 - Alphonse Elric, Sidekick
2 - Alex Louis Armstrong, Overbearing Bodygaurd
2 - Edward Elric, Imitating Scar
2 - Nash Tringham, Red Water Researcher
2 - Pinako Rockbell, Wise Old Lady
2 - Russel Tringham, Son of Nash Tringham
2 - Trisha Elric, Loving Mother
2 - Winry Rockbell, Shopaholic
1 - Izumi Curtis, One With All

2 - Clair, School Teacher

Attachments - 16

2 - Alchemist’s Caduceus
2 - Antique Armor
2 - Alchemist's Gloves
1 - Lyra's Pendent
2 - Automotive
2 - Chalk
2 - Cannon
2 - Tank of Red Water
1 - Noble Cause

Events - 34

Wits Events
2 - Peek
2 - A Job Well Done
2 - Sneak Thief
3 - Rough Experience
2 - Catch the Train
3 - Lessions from the Past

Alchemy Events
3 - Alchemist Showdown
2 - Burning the Past
2 - Assist
2 - Quick Draw
2 - Wild Card
2 - Spoils of War
3 - Sensei's Shadow
2 - Cage
2 - Change In Plans


Have a slow start for the first two locations since every turn you set your leader to search for (first) a recruitable ally, (second) Izumi Curtis, One With All. If you manage to get Alphonse Sidekick out here … bonus, or if you got an Automobile you might be able to get the first locations, but don’t worry about it. You level up to The Elric Brothers and start grabbing the attachments like crazy. (Since you got Izumi and most likely Winry and Pinako it wont be hard to) A nice trick is to discard Noble Cause though EE and attach it to the brothers with their ability. All the while you are using your level up cars to speed your way to level 4 (give yourself about 2 turns at level 2 and 1-2 at level 3). When you are level 4 drop all your big guys and give them nice treats to win in Alchemy.


This is probably one of my toughest opponents. They have the same locations as I do and fight the same way I do I have to resort to just shear numbers here and hope I have it.

Ha, I actually laugh (no I don't), it is a battle of who's control is greater. I have the Alchemy to crush them in battle I just have to worry about getting there. Cancel their tech and try to rush to victory. This fight is easy, period.

Same as the Elric deck but I think I will have an easier time since his leader isnt as big as other Elrics.

Not a problem, I have plenty of lower cost allies and I speed level so that I have enough command to recruit who I need. While he is setting up.. I am winning.

vs.Rebel Beatdown
Pretty much the same as the Homonculus strategy except they have more alchemists.. In the end I have more Alchemy so it shouldn't be too big of a deal. Also a nice Alchemist Showdown to stop their Challenge the Suns always give the upper hand (specially when they use Bald)

vs.Military Beatdown
They have more and stronger Alchemists but they are mostly Str and Wits based so keeping the pressure on Alchemy battles wins me the battle in this case. It is still a tough opponent but just stand my ground and I shouldn't have too much of a problem here. Just don't let them get too many locations.

vs. Master Manipulator
Pretty much just like another Alchemy deck.. He will be switching to locations that I could possibly win and I have a faster start up and more powerful end game. It will be annoying but shouldn’t cause too much of a problem.

Ally Details:
Mrs. Halling, Innkeeper - She is a target for their first action in the search and if not she keeps me alive
Fletcher Tringham, Young Alchemist - Easily one of the greatest Heroes in the game for versatility
Alex Louis Armstrong, Imposing - Slap on a Tank of Red Water and he is a huge blocker with great stats
Alphonse Elric, Sidekick - He helps bring the beats at level 3 and if able win the first couple of locations
Alex Louis Armstrong, Overbearing Bodygaurd - Meat shield, Good alchemy for the cost and can change to Imposing when I get to level 4 so I don’t have to lose my attachments
Edward Elric, Imitating Scar - He is my attachment hate plus he is huge, enough said
Nash Tringham, Red Water Researcher - Searches for my tanks and give Russel a bonus great stats too
Pinako Rockbell, Wise Old Lady - 1/3 of the Elric Shuffle
Russel Tringham, Son of Nash Tringham - First turn drop and with an attachment great Alchemy (not bad without it)
Trisha Elric, Loving Mother - Helps me with Active player and getting out Imposing
Winry Rockbell, Shopaholic - First turn drop and 1/3 of the Elric Shuffle
Izumi Curtis, One With All - Great alchemy and 1/3 of the Elric Shuffle
Claire, School Teacher - Added card draw, an alchemist, and nice for tech and extra damage

Attachment Details:
Alchemist’s Caduceus - Staple Elric attachment, great ability and great alchemy/wits bonus
Antique Armor - Makes it so I don’t have defeated allies
Alchemist's Gloves - Helps enforce the “I have more Alchemy then you” law of Elrics
Lyra's Pendent - Not sure why it is in here… just a joke with a friend really
Automotive - Helps with Nash and gives me tech to kill some of their allies
Chalk - Another way to get alchemy why not
Cannon - Keeps you from playing your good abilities to kill me with
Tank of Red Water - A lot of my allies don’t need to use Alchemy events or abilities so why not have more Alchemy
Noble Cause - Because I am really fighting for the greater good of the world… and I can get it out turn 3

Event Details:
Peek - Lets me see you hand, and card draw isn’t bad
A Job Well Done - Enforces my locations and can steal the win in a pinch
Sneak Thief - Pretty much to counter yours… but can also be used for that extra 1-UP
Rough Experience - Name of the game is Power Leveling
Catch the Train - I will have the 3 biggest guys out there for Alchemy, plus this keeps out tech
Lessions from the Past - Name of the game is Power Leveling
Alchemist Showdown - Surprise! Challenge the Sun counter
Burning the Past - Now that I know you have your gimic in your hand I will make you get rid of it
Assist - Elric’s Rally the People
Quick Draw - Now that I know I have 2 good cards coming up I might as well draw them now
Wild Card - Best cancel for Elrics
Spoils of War - Just in case I want to use something again
Sensei's Shadow - My teacher always feels like she needs to watch over me… I think I am fine on my own
Cage - Best cancel card in the game enough said
Change In Plans - Like A Job Well Done it is a nice way to steal the game in a pinch


Closing Words:
This has to be the strongest deck I have made so far, and it isn’t Master Manipulator so it is fun to play.



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