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Gotta Cheat to Win

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Fullmetal Alchemist TCG 'Gotta Cheat to Win'
Hammergirl Anime Top-Tier Deck
OneWing, Hammergirl Anime

Leaders (3):
Roy Mustang, Lieutenant Colonel
Roy Mustang, Duelist
Roy Mustang, Master Manipulator
Roy Mustang, Man Who Would Be King

Locations (9):
Alchemist Testing Grounds
Dueling Grounds
Elric House Ruins
Parish Church
Tucker's Estate
Capital Building
Conversion Room
Youswell Inn
Resembool Graveyard

Allies(* = Starting) (23):
1x Vato Faltman, Plainclothesman*
1x Policeman, Citzen of Linter*
1x Lyra, Budding Talent*
2x Alex Louis Armstrong, Strong and Beautiful
2x Liza Hawkeye, Sharpshooter
2x State Alchemist, Dogs of the Military
2x Veteran Alchemist, Military Elite
2x Yoki, Corrupt Lieutenant
2x Edward Elric, Researcher
2x Scar, Stalker
2x Inspector, Citizen of Aquayoa
2x Shou Tucker, Bait
2x Envy, Doppelganger

Events (29):
2x Infiltration
2x Peek
2x Do Our Bidding
2x A Clue for the Search
2x Intimidation
2x A Job Well Done
2x Sneaky Theif
2x Pressure
2x Spoils of War
3x Sensei's Shadow
2x Cage
2x Stonewall
2x Change In Plans
2x Frenzy
3x Reflection

Attachments (8):
2x Antique Armor
2x Mark of the Ouroboros
2x Alchemist's Gloves
1x Lyra's Pendent
1x Automotive

Like the deck says, Gotta Cheat to Win, I just steal the location and get the majority of the points that way. I am only good at fighting on Alchemy Locations so I have to make sure that we are always there, which I take care of with every location control card in the game. In the begining (turn 1) I more often then not will just give you the location so that I am playing my location at a time where I am bigger, have more people and the chances of winning are more in my favor. I don't mind giving a couple points way because once I am in the zone it is hard to get out of it.


This is probably one of my toughest opponents. They have the same locations as I do and know how to fight at them probably better then me, I have to resort to more of my tech (Yoki, Shou) to win this over my brute strength. Since they are Elric my wits is more then likely higher. I will go first and elimiate their big guys before they can land the hurt.

Ha, I actually laugh (no I don't), it is a battle of who's control is greater. I have the Alchemy to crush them in battle I just have to worry about getting there. Cancel their tech and try to rush to victory. This fight is easy if they let me hit lvl 3.

Same as the Elric deck but I think I will have an easier time since his leader isnt as big as other Elrics. I have wits on him so once again I will use my tech to stop him. Really wish I played him at Regionals.

This really makes me consider running Admin myself instead of Duelist. The only this I lose is a beefy lvl 2 leader. This deck will hurt me if it gets its trick off. I really might go back to Admin if I see that this deck is too much for me.

vs.Rebel Beatdown
Pretty much the same as the Homonculus strategy except they have more alchemists. Pentioner doesnt hurt me much at all and Inspector sucks major but I can get around him it just makes it harder. In the end I have more Alchemy so it shouldn't be too big of a deal.

vs.Military Beatdown
They have more and stronger Alchemists but they are mostly Str and Wits based so keeping the pressure on Alchemy battles wins me the battle in this case. It is still a tough opponent but just stand my ground and I shouldn't have too much of a problem here. Just don't let them get too many locations before I get to lvl 3.

vs.Mirror/Master Manipulator
Hardest Matchup EVER. You have to see who's Alchemy is better they got all the same tricks as you do so you have see who goes first with their tech and that isnt always a good thing cuz you lose your fallback location. It is very tricky game you play against yourself. Hopefully you wont see much of it.

Ally Details:
Vato Faltman, Plainclothesman: He helps me go first
Policeman, Citzen of Linter: Gets me to MM that must quicker
Lyra, Budding Talent: It is like cop blocking but with drawing, and she stops cards like Burning the Past and Do Our Bidding
Alex Louis Armstrong: Strong and Beautiful, His abilities are priceless
Liza Hawkeye, Sharpshooter: Every Roy deck must have this
State Alchemist, Dogs of the Military: Good average stats and a great bonus to my othe characters
Veteran Alchemist, Military Elite: These guys just get huge
Yoki, Corrupt Lieutenant: He helps me in the Wits departments and his ability helps me at Parish Church and in fights all around
Edward Elric, Researcher: Great Alchemy and Great Ability
Scar, Stalker, See Edward Elric: Researcher
Inspector, Citizen of Aquaroya: HEY! I am doing the Location Controling around here!
Shou Tucker, Bait, Great Ability, Can use the Mark right away, State Alchemist
Envy, Doppelganger, Becomes the double of the biggest guy, and can use the Mark

Attachment Details:
Antique Armor: Keeps my Shou alive and allows Roy to attack safely
Mark of the Ouroboros: This, and Shou means I can pretty much get the first 3 actions in the search phase
Alchemist's Gloves: Little more Alchemy never hurt anyone
Lyra's Pendant: Just makes life easier, but mostly bait for attachment hate
Automotive: Helps win locations and foils Yoki's ability

Event Details:
Infiltration: Gets rid of your main tech
Peek: Lets me see your hand
Do Our Bidding: Draws me cards and stops you from drawing 2x win!
A Clue for the Search: Great Combo card for MM
Intimidation: Easily one of the best pumps in the game
A Job Well Done: Keeps it on my locations no matter what
Sneak Thief: Makes your strengths your weaknesses
Pressure: It stops Inspector
Spoils of War: Just 2 more copies of my cards
Sensei's Shadow: I know what I want and I want it NOW!
Cage: Best Cancel Card Period
Stonewall: Makes battles easier
Change In Plans: It doesn't matter what Location it is as long as it is mine
Frenzy: Great pump but it is costy... but it saves me more times then you could know
Reflection, There is a lot of EEing in this deck, this helps soo much


Closing Words:
There you have it folks. This is how I cheat to win. Hope you enjoyed it.



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