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Water Wing Village
-The Village Hidden in the Water -
Village Leader: Tadashi
Number of Ninja: 40
amami, Antman, badcatch, Bgani, braincandy, Chade, dark zul, DarkFlash, dracina, drpained, Gingy10, Hertax, Hito, HVK, icedeath, Iltherdion, juliviet, Jumpman000, KacerBlack, Kuro kuro, Lang2k7, Lavender, Leianatan, Liischo, Llama, Mikit560, Mismoree, Murasame, Palazzo, plusit, Prometheus, Rath9999, Rob, Sad Tree, Sethis, Sezor, Shikageru, Terrec, wind4u
Number of Upgrades: 181
War Status: Days Peaceful: 2
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Everyone is welcome here!

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