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Koumori Village
-The Village Hidden in Shadows -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: ChatterBat
Number of Ninja: 32
Alkaiser, Allerdyce, Arg0sh, Bixto, Dark Rider, Delvin, HBrowning, Irene, jimfromtx, jsephy, Key, kirby12, Ksil, Lissa, Mac369, Minaro, MrWolfe, Myst, nirno, Nock, Poodle, Racthoh, Randvek, Reo, RyuJoestar, Sasuke124, Stargazer, tails777, Zardondack, zeroharm, ZeroTSDA
Number of Upgrades: 188
War Status: Days Peaceful: 13
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Fun for All and you are encouraged to help other villages when needed. Nomads are always welcome! Come Join the Fun!!! *Big SMILES*

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