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AkuSeshin Village
-The Village Hidden in Raise -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: deathdemon
Number of Ninja: 26
archer92, Atmo, batflash, cinq, ggg, Heavenly, Hikaru Son, Kiko, LawSVU77, Leoni, Lite2, MaiKeul, Metalix, Nabeshin, Narushimu, Nashinga, Ranatama, Revidnioc, Sakoshi, SinnerKyo, Snowba11, Steelwing, Tarlac, ThunderGod, zork
Number of Upgrades: 179
War Status: Days Peaceful: 10
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Daily giveaway of drops, kaiju summons everyday, nonjas and snow! Come in man we dont care what level you are.Oh and rp never forget rp

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