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3rd Eye Village
-The Village Hidden in the Ki -
Village Leader: Stephie
Number of Ninja: 50
AcidXeon, Arioch, Asert333, Beldandy, Byakaze, caldwell22, Corwynt, Creedence, Deroa, dilz, Dyne, Egneil, Goflame, Hiyo, hrolfur23, kalrum, Kammell, kerkake, kipreoui, Kusarame, luckymouse, Magus, meero, Megumin, Migas999, Millennium, nacho, Nyanko, OmegaHavok, Original L, Point Zero, Psyker, pyrathion, RemixDank, Renato, Resha, rikuluna, Sakusami, Sheikun, Shworn Kie, themage, Tony6785, Tosanu, Uematsu, Verdi, Xellos, Xyra, zadfert, zebulen
Number of Upgrades: 181
War Status: Days Peaceful: 3
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
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